You’d Rather Have A Baby?

As the father of 6 and grandfather of 6, I know childbirth is no easy matter.  But, can you believe some of our new female patients actually say to us they’d “rather have a baby” than go for a dental visit!  It’s true!  Of course, the joke is, “Well, let me know if you’re here for your teeth or to have that baby, ma’am, so I can adjust the chair right!” Haha! But a fearful dental patient is no laughing matter.

I am truly appalled at some of the past unpleasant experiences too many patients relate to us. Their stories would sway even me toward the baby scenario. But after some time, with good communication and lots of gentle care from a knowledgeable team, nearly every patient (men too!) can become a great dental patient once they relax, and have some easy or easier dental visits.

Pleasant dentistry! No baby necessary! That’s why we always say: “We Cater To Cowards.” Give us a try!

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