What Is CBCT?

It stands for Cone Beam (the shape of the x-ray beam) and Computed Tomography (a technique for displaying cross sections of the body using x-ray or ultrasound). CBCT in dental offices is still rare yet definitely growing. As with other digital x-rays, it can often mean LESS RADIATION exposure for patients than with older techniques.

CBCT basically provides us with a 3D look at your head and neck area so that we can better visualize your teeth, bone and root structures as well as the location of nerves and sinuses. Ultimately, this very detailed 3D representation of your oral condition can make better treatment planning a reality.

CBCT aids in diagnosis and treatment in many areas of dentistry, like implants, wisdom teeth surgery, root canal treatment, orthodontic treatment, gum treatment and TMJ (joint) treatment. Overall, CBCT is a wonderful tool which helps us help patients enjoy better care and better service!

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