What Else Can A Dental Laser Do For You?

And the list goes on…

During root canal therapy, a laser can be used to treat abscessed gum tissue and infection. If you have periodontal disease, the laser can remove inflamed gum tissue in the area and reduce the amount of bacteria present in the periodontal pocket. That can mean faster healing, healthier gums and your odds go up on keeping your teeth for years to come.

A soft-tissue laser makes for easy removal of oral cysts and tumors, excessive gum tissue and undesirable lip and tongue muscle attachments (they create a pull on the gums or cause a tongue-tied condition).

If your front teeth appear “short” with a gummy smile, you may be a candidate for a laser “smile lift” where the gums can be bloodlessly re-contoured.

Believe or not, the list still goes on, but hopefully this gives you a glimpse into the usefulness of the laser in dentistry. If you have questions, call us! today!

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