What Are Dental Sealants?

One of the best procedures in preventive dentistry is sealants. They literally “seal” and protect the natural grooves and pits of those teeth with no decay and no fillings.

A laser instrument can be used to “look” into these pits to make sure there is no decay. Then the grooves and pits are cleaned with chemical and/or mechanical means, and a white or clear liquid composite (plastic) is flowed into them. When cured with a powerful fiber-optic light or laser, these sealants become a very strong barrier against food or decay-causing bacteria. And while you may think they are only for children, they are just as effective in adult mouths.

I have personally introduced my patients to, and have been using, sealant technology for over 25 years, with improvements, of course. They are a wonderful and inexpensive service aiding in the prevention of decay and tooth loss. Take a step to prevent decay, call for an appointment today!

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