Want More Romance?

Then fix your BAD BREATH! You know I’m right — you’re close to your special one, move in for the kiss, but get the strange feeling they’re holding their breath or, worse yet, avoiding the kiss altogether!

Here’s a quick test: Lick the back of your hand — go ahead — let it dry 30 seconds, then SMELL IT! Believe it or not, that is what your breath and mouth smell like! But fear not, while there are many possible reasons for bad breath including untreated gum disease and severalmedicalconditions, in over 30 years of helping people obtain more attractive smiles and healthier mouths, I know that we can help those of you with BAD BREATH!

And since recent research has connected gum disease with MAJOR health problems, such as heart disease and stroke, treating bad breath may save your life too! So call Sue today to schedule a complimentary evaluation for bad breath… and don’t stop hugging and kissing!!

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