Vitamin C Is Great But…NOT BEFORE Your Dental Appointment

You probably already know you need adequate amounts of Vitamin C in order to fight off colds and flu as well as have healthy gums – but did you know that you shouldn’t take Vitamin C before your dental appointment?

The reason is that it greatly increases the need for more local anesthetic. It may have already happened to you.  You are in the dental chair and you just can’t understand why your teeth are not getting as numb as usual. It could be that you’ve taken some Vitamin C within 24 hours of your appointment.

Many doctors don’t know this, so be aware and don’t take that Vitamin C (or big glass of orange juice?) before your appointment. Take extra Vitamin C afterwards in order to speed your body’s clearing of the local anesthetic, in other words, a quicker end to the “fat lip” feeling or the “dribble while you drink” scenario. I hope this tip makes your dental visits a little more comfortable.

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