Toothbrush Abrasion? But I Was Only Trying To Get My Teeth Clean!!

Occasionally, we see a patient with worn, sensitive root areas and a “fingernail catch” at the gumline of certain teeth— usually the upper side teeth. This is many times caused by “toothbrush abrasion”, a result of using too much toothpaste or a brush that is too hard.

You should use only a small pencil erasure-size button of toothpaste on a SOFT bristle brush. There are many brands of paste and brushes, but you should stay with SOFT bristles and any good fluoride paste. Left untreated, and if the patient continues with the heavy paste, hard or medium brush and improper brushing techniques, the brushing wears into the root horizontally and causes sensitivity and decay.

Since the tooth’s enamel ends at the gumline, the improper brushing is actually wearing into the root of the tooth, closer to the nerve! Not a very pleasant thought, is it? So help preserve your teeth, brush properly, and see your dentist regularly.

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