Tooth Socket Bone Grafting — Keeping Your Options Open

When a tooth is removed, nearly 50% of the bone will shrink away. This is bad news if you may want to replace the tooth with a dental implant someday. If the lost tooth is in the front “esthetic zone”, it is particularly difficult to get the best fit without bone grafting.

This relatively simple procedure is usually done at the time of extraction. An artificial bone material is placed in the socket and specially packed and sutured. This allows your bone cells to grow in quicker and denser with almost no natural bone loss. Sometime later, the site is evaluated for either a dental implant or a fixed (cemented) bridge. In either case, the fit and longevity will always be better.

This procedure is encouraged by leading dental researchers and clinicians the world over, and is done routinely at our office. If you would like to discuss bone grafting or see if you are a candidate for this procedure, please call to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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