The Dental Makeover — Is It Worth It?

Just like hair, skin or wardrobes, our smile and mouth can sometimes use a makeover. The first step is to treat and resolve any pain or infection issues. Then procedures can be performed to enhance your ability to chew properly and thereby enjoy greater health — whether they be simple fillings, crowns, implants or bridges.

Lastly, and certainly not least important, are issues that affect our beauty or handsomeness. Do you ever notice how someone’s smile either really adds to their attractiveness or detracts from it? Of course, we all have. That’s why movie stars and people before the public often are very concerned about their smile’s appearance.

Not a movie star or in the public eye? Some data even suggests if you want a new job or promotion, see your dentist first!  Smiles are important. They communicate things about you. If you would like to discuss your dental makeover, call for a complimentary consultation.

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