Smoking And Gum Disease!!! Partners???

Yep!!! They go hand-in-hand! Smoking has an overall weakening effect on a person’s immune system. A strong immune system is of major value when it comes to fighting off the bacteria that can invade your gums.  Smoking also removes antioxidants from your bloodstream, including Vitamin C. This is one reason why smokers many times look older than they ordinarily would have.

Gum diseases usually start with gum swelling and bleeding (called gingivitis), and progress to bone-destroying periodontitis if not controlled. Sadly, a majority of American adults have some form of periodontal disease. Treatment can be as simple as homecare instructions or as complex as bone grafting. In most cases, it can be treated and successfully controlled without surgery… and to really help… STOP SMOKING!

If you don’t know your periodontal status, come in for a FREE periodontal screening. Call today for an appointment.

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