Root Canal

What a scary phrase! Why is it such a “sore” subject? Well, first of all, years ago it was rather difficult, lengthy, painful and had limited success. But no longer!! Sadly though, old stories and myths die slowly!

Root canal treatment is needed when the dental pulp (center of the tooth) dies or becomes infected. This can be after an injury, a crack, or, most often, from decay.  Pain is present because an abscess usually forms and tries to expand with nowhere to go — that’s why extractions work for abscesses — but then your tooth is gone!

A better choice is to treat the pulp area (95% success rate) usually in a painless fashion (95% of cases) . It saves your tooth so you can chew with it for a lifetime. Be assured we perform this procedure almost daily and only extreme cases need to be referred to specialists.

Early diagnosis and treatment make the whole process go easier, so don’t wait to come in if you have a hurting tooth! Call today for an appointment!

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