Putting Off Dental Treatment

What a formula for problems! It is sad but true that delaying any needed dental treatment nearly ALWAYS leads to: 1) more pain, and 2) higher costs than if the problems were handled sooner.

So why would someone delay treatment? Mostly fear of the unknown — unknown needs, unknown expenses and unknown pain factors. These are the most common excuses we see. But do these excuses work out for the benefit of patients?  Definitely not! If it costs more and hurts more to procrastinate, you are much better off confronting your dental issues.

That’s why we seek to educate our patients in all aspects of their dental treatment BEFORE we start anything — then YOU, the patient, are “in the driver’s seat” and much more in control of your dental destiny!

So what will it be for you? Unknowns? Pain? Loose teeth? Dentures? The expense of dental implants? Or the best dental health possible? You decide!

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