Preventive Dental Visits Work

All too often patients come into our clinic glad to get their immediate dental problems handled — out of pain, no cavities, healthy gums, fresh breath, teeth that will chew again or a new bright smile, etc. And after their treatment is completed I always emphasize preventive visits that are needed in the future to PREVENT the need again for what they just came through!

Most dental problems are preventable!!! Some patients need these visits monthly, some yearly, but the average is every 3 or 4 months. Each patient should know exactly what they need to do at home in order to prevent the same dental situation from recurring and having to go through similar treatment again.

That’s what we provide in our clinic: an individualized plan ofprevention. Don’t kid yourself if your “original God-given equipment” failed in the past, your repairs will too unless you step up the preventive aspects in advance!

Please brush, floss and visit!

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