Periodontal Diseases! All Too Common!

Did you know that more teeth are lost to periodontal diseases than to decay?!?!? In fact, periodontal disease (of the gums and bone that support our teeth) is so common that the State of Texas requires under penalty of law that dentists perform and record a periodontal examination for every patient of record! So this is a topic you should know about.

Gingivitis (swollen or bleeding gums) is usually the first problem, followed by more destructive stages where the tooth-supporting bone is melted away. This is why teeth “get loose” and sometimes “fall out” on their own. Early diagnosis and treatment is vital. After that, controlling  the problem is usually  easier with routine visits with the hygienist.

Remember:“A clean tooth does not decay or get loose.” Good brushing, flossing and early preventive care can usually control periodontal diseases and decay. So call today for your complete periodontal exam!

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