Orthodontics — How Young To Start

Many parents ask this question and the answer is not always the same. Many children should start between the ages of 10 and 12, if a bad bite or unaesthetic problem have been diagnosed.

Another typical answer is,“If you think you need orthodontics, you probably do.” So many times, early treatment is advisable, sometimes as early as ages 2 or 3. Many specialists around the world are advocating earlier and earlier treatment of malocclusion (messed up bite). In this way, later in life, a serious and complicated problem requiring surgery can be avoided.

In older times, many doctors started treatment by age 12 or 13, when most children have their permanent teeth. But today, each case is diagnosed individually and there is no general answer that can be given. An orthodontic evaluation early in life, and periodically updated, will ensure the “right time” is selected. For a free introductory orthodontic evaluation, call today for an appointment.

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