No Shot, No Drill Fillings???

That’s right!!! Modern technology allows us to fill cavities with no anesthetic (“shot”) and no drill. As one of the first dentists in the country to offer this, and for over 15 years now, we have offered this technology to the people of Kingsville and the surrounding areas.  Everyone agrees that it’s a much more pleasant experience. Large or deep cavities still require anesthetic and the drill, but if the cavities are caught early enough, we can avoid those hassles.

The technology involves a tiny jet of air and abrasive particles that effectively “blow away” the cavity like a powerful, focused, miniature sandblaster! We then place a tooth-colored filling that, many times, cannot even be seen. It involves more steps and uses more expensive materials than the “old way”, but most people agree that it’s worth the extra cost.

I’ve even done it in my own mouth and believe me — IT’S BETTER! If you’re interested in these fillings, call our office  today. appointment.

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