No Reason To Be A Dental Coward

Whenever you have a tooth problem, you don’t want it to hurt— especially when your dentist works on it! Fear of dental pain ranks pretty high on the scale of concern and that’s where the proper type and administration (“painless” injections) of anesthesia can help.

Surprisingly, recent techniques even allow us to comfortably treat teeth with early decay without any anesthesia at all! How? Air-abrasion is a tiny jet of air and abrasive powder that effectively “blows away” the cavity like a miniature sandblaster. At the other end of the spectrum are the most severe dental problems which require hospitalization and general anesthesia, but the majority of all dental treatment is handled best with local anesthesia.

Rest assured, there ARE ways to inject this anesthesia with virtually no pain at all! And let’s face it, once you’re numb and the pain is gone, the rest is easy. With today’s techniques, there really IS no reason to be a dental coward!

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