More On Teeth Grinding

For some people bruxism (teeth grinding) is a significant problem. It is the involuntary grinding or clenching of teeth, usually when deep asleep. Many spouses can attest to this! It can cause much dental damage, along with muscle tension in the jaws leading to head and neck aches.

Besides a number of custom fitted and adjusted bruxism  appliances, I also counsel my patients to check their nutrition. Some studies show bruxers are deficient in different nutrients. One of the most common is magnesium. Two good sources we recommend are magnesium chloride ( and CALM ( which can sometimes be purchased at health food stores.

It makes sense to try to get to the causes of something like bruxism while also helping the symptoms with dental appliances. So check out these websites for yourself and call for a complimentary consultation to discuss solutions for bruxism.

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