More On Bad Breath

After a strong response to my “Want More Romance?” article on bad breath, it is obvious more tips on this subject are in order.

After any needed dental treatment is completed, you can keep your breath “everyday fresh” with a small spray bottle (less than a dollar at many stores) filled with OxyfreshT mouthwash. This product has a special odor-neutralizing ingredient but no oils, alcohols or other odors. You, your spouse and others will easily tell the difference. It has no harsh burning effects or flavors.  Any alcohol mouthwash sold in stores actually has a drying effect in your mouth and is not recommended.

I personally keep a spray bottle at home and one in my office. Having fresh breath can give you a little boost of confidence, and make for “fresh” and more pleasant conversation. So pick up your spray bottle and stop by our office for OxyfreshT.  Keep your breath fresh! And keep those cards and letters coming!

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