“Mini” Dental Implants — Who Needs Them?

Most often mini dental implants are needed by persons who have lost most or all of their teeth and need stabilization (tightening) of their denture fit. Jawbones shrink after extractions and, if the bone has not been preserved with grafting, this shrinkage gets really severe after many years of denture wear. I always show my patients examples of human jawbones where this shrinkage has occurred. It is really eye-opening. Even severe cases can be remarkably helped.

The exposed portion of the implant looks like a tiny ball trailer hitch and plugs neatly into the socket of your modified denture. The whole procedure, implant placement and modification and fitting of your old denture, is less than half the cost when compared to conventional, larger implant techniques which may not even be an option due to shrinkage.

If you or someone you know has this problem, call to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you or they are candidate for mini dental implants.

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