Loose Dentures? Try “Mini” Dental Implants

“Mini” dental implants are smaller, easier and less expensive than larger traditional implants. Of course, each has its place and every patient’s situation is different, but the mini has a unique place when it comes to stabilizing full or partial dentures.

When these small titanium implants (less than 3 mm in diameter) are placed into the jawbone, the exposed head is shaped like a miniature trailer hitch ball and the corresponding socket with a rubber O-ring is imbedded into the denture. The result is a stable, “plug-in” system. Most of the time, the dentures can be modified and fit in the same day!

This procedure is wonderfully life changing for someone who has lost their teeth, has bone shrinkage and has been putting up with loose wobbly dentures.  If you or someone you know has this problem, call to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you or they are a candidate for mini dental implants.

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