Laser Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

One of the main uses of dental lasers is in periodontal treatment. When gum disease is present in the mouth, bacteria can build up in the pockets between the gums and tooth roots.  Bacteria prefer darkness and do not like bright, high energy light! Therefore, the laser can be used to reduce the amount of bacteria in a periodontal (gum) pocket.

Also, it can remove unwanted inflamed gum tissue, and help seal blood vessels and nerves. That can mean surgeries are more bloodless and healing is generally quicker and more pain-free. In addition, a muscle pull attachment (a thin web of skin that grows from the inner lip to the gums) can cause loss of gum tissue around a tooth and is easily removed with a laser.

Some doctors are even using lasers deep in periodontal pockets to enhance the attachment of the tooth to the surrounding bone. Although lasers are very useful, they are none-the-less not indicated for many dental procedures. To learn more, call for your complimentary consultation.

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