Gum Disease Linked With Deadly Pancreatic Cancer

That’s right! As reported in the January 23, 2009 edition of the Wall Street Journal, a recent report from Harvard researchers found a “powerful link between poor gum health and one of the deadliest diseases, pancreatic cancer.”

The study included more than 51,000 male health professionals! No one knows yet why exactly this link exists, but it is one more reason to keep your mouth and gums healthy. When gum disease exists in a mouth, germs that are on, in or under your gums will also circulate throughout your body by way of your bloodstream, creating or worsening a number of health concerns!

The treatment of gum disease usually includes cleaning the teeth above and below the gumline and irrigating the gum pockets with antimicrobials (germ killers) or antibiotics. Begin the journey to a healthier mouth and body…Call today for an appointment for your complimentary periodontal screening.

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