Go Ahead Enjoy Those Holiday Treats, But…

Like me, I know you are looking forward to all of the sweet goodies that mean the holidays have arrived. And don’t worry, eating those sugary treats doesn’t mean we always get decay. NO! In fact, if you keep your teeth CLEAN (Yes, that includes brushing AND FLOSSING), you have very little chance of decay.

The biggest factor is sugar intake FREQUENCY. When you put sugar in your mouth, the bacteria eat it too, and they produce acids that eat your teeth. So… don’t put sugar in there often and don’t leave bacteria in there to eat it if you do! Got it?

This means no constant sipping or nibbling — this is what’ll get you more decay! If you want a soft drink or dessert or treat, do it and get it over with, then clean your teeth! I do! Believe it or not, if people followed this advice, I would be filling a lot less cavities!

Get smart about sugar and healthy teeth. You really CAN have both! And, of course, see your favorite dentist regularly. Happy Holidays!! Enjoy!!

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