Early Diagnosis — The Name Of The Game

Tooth decay is a common affliction of mankind — one of the most common — and yet there are proven ways to prevent and control it.  The key is good patient education — something we do in our office every day.

Did you know that recent research reveals most decay goes undiagnosed and untreated for a period of months or years? Yet, when decay is found EARLY, it can be fixed more easily, more pain free and cheaper.

We use x-rays, fiber optic lights, magnification and laser light to “see” into the teeth and find this early decay, long before it “cavitates” – that’s the black hole you see after the decay has gone deep and undermined the enamel causing it to “cave in.”  The good news is, when decay is found early, it can be treated with NO SHOTS and NO DRILLS — maybe that’s really the best news of all, heh?

So call today and schedule your appointment. Win the game!!

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