Do Wisdom Teeth Make You Wise?

Of course not!!! But wisdom teeth, also called third molars, can, in fact, be quite a problem for many people!

Usually around 18 to 20 years of age, these teeth erupt and in the process can cause pain (or a painful pressure sensation) and infection. Sometimes they are also guilty of damaging nearby teeth or even forming cysts or tumors around themselves. Gum disease will thrive in these areas that cannot be properly cleaned.

In addition, the pressure from their eruption leads to crowding in the mouth (potential orthodontic problems) and they are seldom straight enough to help in chewing. Occasionally someone is seen with useful wisdom teeth and, of course, in that case, they should be left alone and kept healthy.

We determine treatment by means of a special panoramic x-ray, but for most people, removal is the best option. This service is carefully and routinely performed in our dental office.   Call us for an appointment today.

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