Do Doctors Take Their Own Advice?

Well, they should! If it’s good advice for you and your body; why shouldn’t it be good for theirs?

In dentistry, this is particularly true. Most dentists I know have excellent oral health. Yes, they brush after eating AND FLOSS as well as see their dentist for checkups. Is it any wonder that they strive to encourage their patients to do the same? It’s sort of like a good movie or restaurant — you want you friends and loved ones to have good experiences, so you tell them.

It all  begins with a certain level of education, then taking preventive or treatment actions to reach the goal of “optimum dental health”. What’s that? It’s no active gum disease, decay or other dental problems. It also means NO pain and the ability to chew properly. And don’t forget that alluring, beautiful, healthy smile! As many patients can tell you, that alone has totally transformed their lives for the better!

So take their advice and brush, floss and smile!!!

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