Dentistry Is Expensive?

Well, yes and no. A more accurate statement would be, “Dental neglect is expensive, not dentistry.”

As dentists, our entire profession has been dedicated to helping our public (YOU!) to PREVENT problems and catch them EARLY — right?  Most dentists do a great job at that, but do patients follow through?  The smart ones do.

I have numerous patients in their seventies, eighties and even nineties who have done just great with their teeth. They have had very little dental expense in their later years because they took on preventive and early dental treatment as a way of life.

My dad, who recently passed away at age 92, had almost all of his natural teeth! Do you know I still remember seeing him floss when I was a child? So when you hear dentistry is expensive, think about how these expenses can be prevented, and remember, YOU are in control of your dental future!

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