Dental Lasers Can Mean Less Or No Anesthesia

This is definitely one of the nicer aspects about the use of dental lasers! If decay is caught early, it almost never requires anesthesia, that “numbing” that nobody likes. Even larger cavities can be treated with lasers, with possibly reduced anesthesia.

So you might ask,“Why does the drill hurt without anesthesia?” The answer is based on its design. The dental air turbine, or drill as you know it, is very fast and causes the teeth to vibrate, which they don’t like and will perceive as pain.

Even though some studies show it may contribute to the cracking of our teeth, it is still a major tool in the treatment of some early and especially advanced decay. Other technologies, such as air abrasion, are also good choices in fixing early decay with minimal discomfort and anesthesia.

If you know you have cavities and would like to discuss which technique is best for you, call us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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