Dental Implants! They’re Worth It!

Dental implants are a wonderful thing for those patients that need them.  When teeth are lost, the jawbone shrinks. Dentures or partial dentures get loose, wiggle around, click, slide or won’t stay in.

Implants are artificial roots, usually a titanium screw, put into the jawbone that have attachments that can fit to the denture. This makes loose dentures fit tight.  The result is a whole new outlook on denture wear.

Also, single teeth can be replaced with a single tooth implant. A crown is placed over the implant screw and then it can look, feel and chew like a natural tooth. In this case, the advantage of an implant would be that the teeth on either side would not have to be crowned in order to seat a fixed (glued in) bridge.

Dental implants are not inexpensive due to the cost of the implant components themselves and the surgery involved, but the expense and time involved are worth it for those who need them!

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