Cracked Teeth? Beware!

Believe it or not, a common cause of tooth pain is cracking! Many times teeth that have been filled numerous times are weak and get cracks in the large fillings or tooth walls.

Also, dangerous sports such as ice chewing make them worse. Close examination with magnification, a fiber-optic camera or a laser exam probe will usually show where the cracks are.

If deep enough, the cracks can enter the pulp chamber (nerve area) and let bacteria in to abscess the tooth. Should cracks go deep vertically, the tooth is often ruined and must be extracted. If you notice pain in any tooth while chewing, that’s one of the signs of a cracked tooth.

Early treatment, usually a crown, or “cap”, will solve the problem and a root canal treatment is usually not needed.

So stay away from chewing the ice and get regular dental checkups. Preventive treatment is always best — both for your teeth and your wallet!

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