Clenching And Grinding Of Teeth

Many people do it! Some know they do it! Some have to be told they do it!  Whichever the case, clenching and grinding of your teeth can be a very harmful and possibly subconscious “habit” that is responsible for many headaches, neck aches, loose teeth and prematurely worn down teeth.

Some people clench or grind their teeth severely in their sleep, totally unaware, and for some, the result is not much sleep at all. If you have unexplained head or neck aches, a simple test you can do yourself, using your fingers, is to put pressure on the sides of your head and at the base of your skull. Both of these areas tend to be sore on a clencher/grinder.

To prevent or limit these bad symptoms, various dental mouthpieces can be constructed. Most people undergoing treatment notice that they sleep better and have fewer head and neck aches. I notice fewer loose teeth and less wear. These can add up to a happier and healthier patient!

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