Chewing Gum That Prevents Decay

Most of us know that chewing gum after a meal freshens the breath and helps clear the mouth of food particles and bacteria. This is true.  But did you also know there is a sweetener called Xylitol used in some chewing gums that not only does not cause decay but also provides a level of decay protection?

Xylitol is similar to table sugar (sucrose) in sweetening power, but will not promote decay the way sucrose, cane sugar and other sugars do. The foods and chewing gums that have been sweetened 100% with Xylitol can actually suppress the worst decay causing bacteria in our mouth and give a good level of protection if used 3 to 7 times per day.

Chewing gums named XyliChew® and Spry® are just two of the brands sold in health food stores. 100% Xylitol chewing gum are a little more expensive, but can prevent a lot of cavities for certain decay-prone people. But take note that these benefits are not shared by all “sugarless” gums!

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