Cavities — A Sore Subject

If you’ve ever experienced tooth decay, you know it’s something to avoid.  The sooner it is found and treated, the easier and cheaper and more painless it is to fix. There is a very true old saying that “Dentistry isnot expensive;  NEGLECT is expensive.”

Decay forms in teeth from damage caused by bacterial plaque (that clear whitish coating that makes your teeth feel like they have socks on them when you go camping for 3 days and forget your toothbrush).

The sugars we eat feed the bacteria and, as a result, the acids they form will eventually eat into the tooth.  Controlling decay is simply a matter of 1) removing plaque daily from all surfaces of the teeth, 2) using a
fluoride toothpaste or gel daily to harden the teeth, and 3) limiting the frequency of sugar intake — meaning don’t sip or constantly nibble on sugary drinks and snacks throughout the day.

And look for my next Tooth Tips, I’ll tell you which sweets are actually beneficial to your teeth.

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