Can Dental Infections Cause Lack Of Energy?

The answer is YES! Our bodies have a lot to do each day, such as digesting food, working, walking, lifting, studying, fighting off “the usual” germs, etc. But if something gets out of balance, like an infection, the body must slow down in other areas to concentrate the fight in this area.

All in all, dental infections, like periodontal disease and severe tooth decay, are really no different than the flu or other systemic illnesses.  In addition to feeling sick, they all generally lead to less available energy during your day.

In fact, many patients tell me that once their dental problems are solved, at least some or all of their former energy level returns, and, behold, life is better!

So if your days seem to drag on, you notice you’ve lost your pep, and you have no obvious signs of illness, consider your oral condition.

When was the last time your teeth and gums were checked? You may find a quick visit to the dentist will put the pep back in your step!

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