Beware of “Extra Sour” Candy And “Lime Sucking”

In the last few years we have seen many teeth damaged by the new acid candies.
Without mentioning name brands, they are candies that advertise “extra sour” or “super tart”. They have high concentrations of citric or other acids that will attack tooth enamel if eaten frequently.

One youngster I know had so much enamel damage that his teeth were getting sensitive to hot and cold foods. Parents should monitor their children’s intake of such acid candies and discourage their use.

Another harmful habit sometimes seen is lemon or lime sucking. By sucking on those delicious citrus wedges you can damage the enamel on your front teeth and adding salt to the mix makes it even worse. If you must, do these things very sparingly and quickly, so the acid doesn’t have a long contact time with the teeth.

It’s sad but true: many sweet and sour things are not good for our teeth! Be aware!

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