Better Late Than Never!

Dental patients frequently feel that their problems are so bad that there’s no hope, especially those over 40 or 50 who know they have not kept up with their dental repair and maintenance.

However, our slant on this is that it’s NEVER too late to get a healthier, more aesthetic, more comfortable mouth. Dentistry has changed immensely over my 35 year career and the advances are truly amazing. That’s why I love my chosen profession so much!

There are so many ways to help people — it’s VERY rare that I have to tell a patient, “there’s nothing we can do,” because there’s usually lots of help available and many treatment options to consider!

For instance, just consider your smile. We can whiten your teeth, straighten them, reshape them, cover them partially (laminates) or totally (crowns), or even put a new tooth where the old one used to be.

Believe me, you have many options and it’s not too late! So let’s talk. Call for your appointment today.

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