Baby Teeth! Who Cares! Right? WRONG!

Baby teeth erupt fully by age 2 and seem to make your child’s smile irresistible.

Then, at about age 6, they begin to fall out! So baby teeth must not be very important. Right? Wrong! Your child should have some of those “baby teeth” for more than a decade!!

Imagine that’s more than 10 years —  between the ages of 2 and 12 or 13, when the permanent teeth are forming and begin to erupt. If the baby teeth have decay and are lost too soon, it can lead to poor chewing and an orthodontic problem.

Poor diet (usually way too much sugar!), poor home care (not brushing well!) and lack of  preventive treatment are enemies of good dental health. It’s best to bring your child for their first dental visit by age 2. We will carefully examine your child with plenty of tender loving care and will go over the findings with you.

We promise a fun and educational visit for you and your child! So call today for an appointment.

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