Are Your Front Teeth Chipped? Try Cosmetic Reshaping!

As we age, it is common to have some chipping of the front teeth due to repeated small injuries (like water glasses, bottles, water fountains, etc.) or uneven wear in certain areas that cause “edges” and “nicks.”

If left untreated, these many times will worsen into larger chips that require extensive treatment such as bonding, crowns or porcelain veneers. If caught early though, a procedure called cosmetic reshaping can be used to gently and conservatively polish those edges and chips.

Many times they can be smoothed in and an optical illusion created so that it doesn’t show that the teeth were once chipped. This is a great treatment! It’s inexpensive, usually painless and requires no anesthesia.

We routinely do this in our office and I have to say that reshaping is one of the simplest and most rewarding cosmetic procedures we do for our amazed patients! If you are interested in cosmetic reshaping, call to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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