Are You In The “Dental Danger Decade”?

In my 34 years of practicing dentistry, it has become all too apparent that patients in the 20-30 age group present with a surprising number of major dental problems. This is so common that I refer to this age group as being in the “dental danger decade”.

Too often they have considerable dental problems and are totally amazed at what it takes to put them “back together” again.

I understand that 20-somethings are beginning their adult lives and busy careers with little extra time or money to seek good preventive or early dental treatment, but too often they need extensive fillings or treatments the likes of which I would expect to see in some of the older mouths of their parents or grandparents.

Fortunately, if you fall into this group, understand that just a small commitment of time and money today can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket over your lifetime. To learn more, call to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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