Are You Embarrassed to “Open Wide”?

Almost weekly, someone comes into my clinic and says something like, “Doctor, I’m so embarrassed to open my mouth for you!”

Of course, we assure them that we understand, most likely have seen a lot worse, and more importantly, we respect and support their wise choice to DO SOMETHING about their dental problems. If they stay at home, regretting what they should’ve, could’ve done, etc., they get nowhere. Their dental problems get worse and the needed dental treatment more expensive.

A wise person confronts the difficult situation and goes into action! We realize it takes great courage and effort to even pick up the telephone and call for a dental appointment, and then … to actually SHOW UP!

Rest assured, we will do our best to support your efforts to better your oral health. No “you’ve been bad” lectures here, rather “congratulations” on taking the first step toward getting that beautiful smile you want to show you friends, family and your mirror!

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