Americans Are Blessed With Good Dentistry

In the 1980’s and 90’s, for about 15 years, I flew into Mexico to perform missionary work at very remote mountain tops or in the poorest outlying areas of cities. My patients were frequently Huiihol or Tarahumara Indians, and, unless you have seen it personally, you simply can’t imagine the severity of dental problems people can have.

Some had walked for days just to get to where we were, so their hurting teeth could be helped. Believe it or not, most of our patients had never seen any kind of doctor… ever!

Yet the emotion they expressed was simply one of thankfulness that someone was actually helping them! Of course, we used local anesthesia, but sometimes they would look at us like, “I don’t need that.” And yet at the end of their visits, with cavities filled or teeth pulled, they always thanked us, smiled and went on their way.

In America, we have it pretty good. Good dentistry is readily available if we choose to take advantage of it!

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