Alcoholic Mouthwashes

Most people don’t realize that alcohol can cause cancer, and it is not only in alcoholic drinks, but also in many oral products, especially mouthwashes and some toothpastes.

In fact, some of that cool, tingling feeling you get in your mouth when using mouthwashes is the cooling effect of the alcohol evaporating combined with essential oils and other flavorings. It is a rather cheap, easy and short-lived cover-up for foul breath.

Also not known is the fact that this cooling that is caused by the evaporation of alcohol can contribute to dryness in the mouth, something which is not desirable for clean fresh breath. More moisture and saliva flow are beneficial to your breath and general oral health, not less.

Mouthwashes without alcohol are available. If you cannot find them in your local store, we sell one called OxyfreshT in our office. So read those labels! Be sure you and your family are rinsing with a safe and effective mouthwash!

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