30 Minutes Of Tooth-Destroying Acid

That’s what your teeth get from one exposure to sugar!

If you have orange juice or coffee with sugar for breakfast, several breath mints or candies during your morning or afternoon along with more coffee, sodas or tea with sugar, not to mention desserts — WOW, at the end of the day you can tally up several HOURS of exposure to tooth-destroying acid! Is it any wonder you have decay?

So, short of not eating or drinking any sugar, how do you prevent the formation of these acids?

Simple! Keep every surface of your teeth plaque-free by brushing immediately after you eat anything and flossing once per day. Anything less leaves bacteria which eat the sugar and make the acids that decay teeth.

Believe it or not: More sugar, less frequently is better that less sugar nibbled on throughout the day. So keep your teeth clean, lower the frequency of your sugar intake and you will control dental decay!

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